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Moving Away From Facebook and Other Important Information

As many of you are now aware, we are moving away from Facebook at this time. We have decided to unpublish on Facebook from now through January 1. We are doing this for several reasons, and we want to be transparent about this.
First and foremost, the page has grown too large for just a few of us to manage. We have asked repeatedly for volunteers to assist with this, but have so far, not received any assistance with this. Understandably, it is a very large job, but right now, our admin team needs to be with our families and look forward to the holidays. The personal attacks and trolls are too much to handle right now. We also recognize the need to keep those who are against our mission not aware of every step that we are taking, so that they cannot circumvent the work that we are doing.

With that in mind, we will be moving primarily to our member’s only private website. We will be utilizing our private message boards and putting more and more research on our private website. For only $20 per year, we will offer a full year membership to applicants. For those of you who have not wanted to sign up via PayPal, we now have a new secure credit card processing option for you, and this will be rolled out in the next 24 hours! We are pleased as can be about this, and hope that this will allow more people to participate in our membership website. We have some great message boards on our members website, and you can meet others in your state and local areas!

To join our members only pages, please visit and sign up. Our new credit card processing system will be available in the next 24 hours!

State Chapters

We have also realized that we are in desperate need of State Chapters. We realize now more than ever that we are going to be having to fight these mandates at the state level. As you know there is action pending in several states right now to make it illegal for these vaccine mandates. We believe that the state level is where it is going to be at. If you are interested in starting a State Chapter, please email for more information.

Thank you all for understanding!


Two Possible Major Legal Loopholes for Us to Consider!

We get asked repeatedly, what can I do legally to protect myself? This is probably the question that we get asked the most. Well today, we finally have some more solid information!

Since we have started the #ShowMeYourMask campaign, we have received criticism, which we expected. There are those who want to argue, name call, use profanity, and not look at the truth of what we are facing- forced medical treatment in order to keep our jobs so that our employers can get a financial bonus.

One of the other questions that we have been asked is “Can I ask for an unvaccinated nurse?” or “Now that I know the nurses with masks are unvaccinated, can I ask for one of them?”

Of course along with that, we are getting people making claims that they will discriminate against these nurses and heatlhcare workers who have had their privacy violated, and request that they not be allowed to work with them or their families. We hope, and pray that this happens. Why you may ask? Because this is setting a perfect storm for a privacy violation and a discrimination lawsuit. The second that a patient asks this, and is granted this request, the HCP that is removed from caring for them now has a potential to make a huge change and set a precedent.

Two things to consider: 1.) this is no different than someone telling a hospital that they won’t work with an African American nurse, or they won’t work with someone of another sex than them. 2.) The privacy of the employee has been exposed to this patient, which is an HR violation, plain and simple. This patient now knows that, for whatever reason, this employee has not been vaccinated, and is using that to discriminate against them. This healthcare worker may have a legitimate medical or religious reason for not being vaccinated- but no matter!

If this happens to you, you need to do several things. First, document everything. Please be gracious, but also document everything. Including the patient that put in this request, because they WILL be held liable for their illegal actions. Document the supervisor that asked you to step aside, the patient that put in the request, and the situation surrounding this. Secondly, and don’t wait for this, file an EEOC complaint IMMEDIATELY for discrimination purposes. Be sure to document in your EEOC complaint the religious or medical reason for your declination of the vaccine! Third, find an employment lawyer. Find one who specializes in discrimination complaints. Put them on standby, and let them know that this will be a landmark case, and there will be thousands of us waiting to line up and hire them.

On top of this, you can very likely sue the patient in civil court for discrimination, pain and suffering, and a host of other civil terms in order to recoup some financial loss, and to embarrass this patient publicly for their blatant ignorance and discriminatory practice. The recommendation would be to contact every single news media in your area and let them know what this person did. (Without violating HIPAA, of course.)

Here are just a couple of stories where HCP have sued for discrimination:

So patients, and hospitals, are you listening? Do you really want to continue with this discriminatory practice? Keep it up, and it might just cost you all of that 2% bonus you are expecting next year.

Lastly, and this one is a bit more controversial, but we want to throw it out there, is that we may have a federal lawsuit on our hands. Because the hospital value-based purchasing program falls under the ACA, we believe that we may be able to file a federal lawsuit to challenge the constitutionality of the portion of the HVBP that tracks employee influenza vaccination rates. This would take a long time, and it would cost a LOT of money, but the chance is there to potentially file this lawsuit. We are still exploring how this might work, if we can find a lawyer, and how to best approach it, but the idea that employees are tracked under this system, and that many of them are not even aware of it, is frightening at best. There is no need to track this. The only reason to track this, that we can see, is to provide this information to Big Pharma so that they can continue their assault on those who are pro-choice.

So here is your legal update for today. We may look at starting a fundraiser down the road on a federal lawsuit, but for now the idea is out there that it can be done, and it may just work!

30 days of #ShowMeYourMask Starts Today!

Please join us for 30 days of #ShowMeYourMask!

We are excited to be running this campaign, and we want to raise awareness for the real reason behind forced flu vaccines.

Hospitals, wake up. Our bodies are not for sale. We are going to run hard and fast with this campaign, and your lies will be exposed this month. Patients will understand why their nurses are masked. The real numbers of the flu are coming out. The truth about the vaccine efficacy is coming out. We hope to attract the attention of lawyers across the nation who are willing to sue you for this unethical and illegal mandates that you have enacted.

Are you ready?

Healthcare workers are you ready? Mask up! Share this on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Linkedin!

Let’s educate, let’s advocate, and let’s stop this now!

#ShowMeYourMask Campaign- by Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines

If you are here because you are interested in learning more about the #ShowMeYourMask Campaign, you have landed at the right place.

Our organization website is located here:  Media requests can be emailed to media @

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) What is the #Showmeyourmask campaign about?

The #Showmeyourmask campaign is about forced vaccination policies in the workplace for healthcare workers. Many hospitals and healthcare organizations have created mandatory vaccination policies in regard to the flu vaccine so that they do not lose up to a 2% incentive payment from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

2.) What is this 2% payment you are talking about?

The 2% payment or incentive program is part of the hospital value-based purchasing program. In 2010 it became part of the ACA signed into law by Barack Obama. The hospital value-based purchasing program gives incentive or penalty payments to hospital systems based on how well or poorly they are doing. One of the quality measures is percentage of vaccinated staff in regard to influenza. If the hospital system can not show a higher percentage of vaccinated staff, then they may not get a 2% incentive payment.

It is also suspected, but not yet confirmed, that hospitals are also receiving “kickbacks” from vaccine manufacturers as well.

3.) Isn’t it illegal to have a mandatory vaccination policy?

It hasn’t been shown to be, yet, but we believe that it’s coming. Many of our members also have their religious, medical, and personal rights sabotaged daily by being forced into a shaming tactic such as a mask, sticker, button, etc. There are also questions as to what happens if an employee is injured, as well as what’s next? Mandatory haircuts? Forced bariatric surgery for obese staff? When will it end? Our Canadian brothers and sisters recently had a huge victory when a court there decided that mandatory vaccination polices were not evidence based, and that masking is being used as a shaming technique. It is only a matter of time before this comes here. We are confident that it will be shown to be illegal!

4.) You’re stupid and shouldn’t be in healthcare. You should all have your licenses revoked.

Yes, we hear this often. However, we are patients as well as healthcare professionals. We have rights. There is no scientific or evidence based rationale or reasoning to having mandatory flu vaccines. How would you like it if someone came to you tomorrow and said you had to have mandatory surgery because you’re too fat to do your job? Or that you had to wear hearing aids every day because you have selective hearing problems, and if you don’t do this you will lose your job? The idea is the same. No person should be forced to have a medical procedure in order to keep their job. Also, I may have a medical reason for not receiving the vaccine, and that is none of your business.

5.) You have the choice to wear a mask, so why are you still fighting this?

Some places do not even give the allowance of a mask. The CDC does not recommend the wearing of a mask, and says that it is pointless. Some of the mask boxes even say that it will not prevent the spread or infection of a virus. The mask is used as a shaming tool and tactic and nothing more.

6.) The flu vaccine saves lives and is 60% effective.

No it does not, and no it is not. In the last few years, efficacy rates of the vaccine have been anywhere from 10-23%. Hardly effective. The Cochrane Collaboration says that healthy adults shouldn’t be vaccinated against the flu. The flu vaccine also has one of the highest rates of injury, according to the vaccine reporting registry maintained by the US.

7.) 30,000 people are dying each year and millions are hospitalized with the flu. You are endangering lives!

No, we are not. And 30,000 people are not dying from the flu each year. We have previously addressed this in our post that is located here: We are not endangering lives, and the chance of people getting the flu is actually quite low.

8.) If this is really happening, how is it legal for an employer to mandate vaccines?

Mainly because very few lawyers are willing to take this on. You’d think this would be a civil, religious, and labor slam dunk as far as lawsuits go, but too many lawyers are afraid to go up against the big hospital systems. It’s too bad, because not only would it set precedent, it might start to scare some of these hospital systems, and have them stop violating the rights of their workers.

9.) You have the right to refuse, but you also have the right to work somewhere else.

Yes, but again, this is not based in scientific rationale; it is done so that my employer can receive a payment or incentive from the government for having a staff that has been vaccinated against the flu; there is no other reason for this program. If that were the case, they would have started vaccinating staff 30 years ago when flu vaccines were first introduced. It is disturbing that there are people who believe that it is acceptable that healthcare workers are forcefully vaccinated with a vaccine that doesn’t work, for a viral disease that mutates and most people survive, in order to receive a little bit of money at the end of the year. That should be criminal.

10.) If this is really happening, why aren’t hospitals telling their staff this?

It is really happening, and they are not telling their staff this because they don’t have to. They tell staff that they are “stupid and ignorant” if they do not vaccinate, because it is the “best way to prevent the spread of the flu.” Clearly they forget about all the trouble Ms. Nightingale went to with the handwashing thing, but I digress. Hospitals have a reason to keep this secret. If they told everyone about this, there would be a revolt. Staff do not want to sell their bodies out for a dollar. if they realized that these policies were in place so that their employer received money, I highly doubt that 99% of staff would be rolling up their sleeves. Instead, they are forced with facing termination, demotions, shaming tactics, harassment from other staff, and even from management.

11.) What happens if you are injured on the job from the flu vaccine?

That remains to be seen. So far, one nurse aide has won a multi-million dollar lawsuit, after she was paralyzed. This is a scary question. The vaccine industry is protected from lawsuits. Some attorneys state that hosptials are protected, when they make you sign a so-called “informed consent” form. (That in reality, does NOT provide informed consent!) Yet others state that workman’s comp laws would protect you. If the hospital was able to get out of paying, it could be years before a VAERS lawsuit was settled. In the meantime, a healthcare worker could go broke or bankrupt. Many of our members are the main income provider to their families; not only can they not afford to be out of a job, but they can’t afford an injury either. It is setting a very scary precedent. Many of our members are even afraid to post to our Facebook page, or join our organization because they are so afraid of their employers finding out and firing them. This is not the America that I want to live in!

12.) Isn’t this in violation of the Nuremberg Code and violation of informed consent? What about HIPAA?

Under HIPAA, vaccine status is exempt. However, there are still violations of employment laws of medical privacy, and there are violations of informed consent. Let’s put it this way: if I had AIDS, and my employer made me wear a sticker that said “I have AIDS,” all hell would break loose. Not being vaccinated is the same thing; my right to medical privacy is NO ONE’s business, and employers violate their staff privacy every single day. The Nuremberg Codes required true informed consent when obtaining a medical procedure, including the RIGHT TO REFUSE. Healthcare workers are denied this option every single day.

13.) What can I do to help?

Join us! Visit our website at Make a donation at Even if you’re not a nurse or healthcare worker, take a photo with a mask on and use the tag #ShowMeYourMask (and other creative ones!) and then tag NAMV on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Twitter= namvorg

Instagram= namvofficial

Facebook: NursesAgainstMandatoryVaccines

Write a letter to your Congressman! Write a letter to your area hospital president and let them know that you do not support this, and they need to tell their employees the truth. Tell your co-workers and patients the truth. Contact your local news station and tell them to stop repeating the 30,000 death lie, and hold them accountable. These are all desperately needed!

Let’s raise awareness this November and let’s show our masks in protest of mandatory vaccination policies! Let’s get the TRUTH out there.

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Stop the Lies- 30,000 people are NOT dying from the flu in the US each year!

And this is according to the numbers provided directly from the CDC:

The lies need to stop. We talk about evidence-based practice, so let’s look at what the evidence says.

As of today’s date there are 322,014,008 people living in the USA.

The CDC says that

During September 28, 2014–May 23, 2015, World Health Organization (WHO) and National Respiratory and Enteric Virus Surveillance System collaborating laboratories in the United States tested 691,952 specimens for influenza viruses; 125,462 (18.1%) were positive.

So there were only 125,462 cases of confirmed influenza for last year’s flu season in the United States. Out of 322,014,008 people, this accounts for 0.0004% of the population that actually had confirmed influenza and not just flu-like illness.

Furthermore, the CDC states that out of these 125,462 cases,

17,911 total hospitalizations resulting from influenza during October 1, 2014–April 30, 2015

So, if only 17,911 people are hospitalized, how on earth can 30,000 people be dead of the US of influenza?

And among the adults that were hospitalized, most had other conditions that also contributed to their hospitalization as “the most frequent underlying conditions were cardiovascular disease (51.0%), metabolic disorders (45.8%) and obesity (33.1%)”

We also hear each year that pregnant women are at a huge risk of being hospitalized and dying of the flu…

So the official numbers state that of the “626 women hospitalized of childbearing age, …200 were pregnant.”

Oh, but it gets better.

We hear each year that children are keeling over left and right from influenza, but the data says otherwise.

In the 2014-2015 flu season there were 141 pediatric deaths. Of these 141 deaths,  40 of them, or 26.4%, had asthma or active airway disease. (Please understand, each life is precious and we in no way wish to demean or negate the death of the child. We are looking at the data and the true numbers to get the truth released!)

The deaths occurred in 14 children aged <6 months, 23 aged 6–23 months, 22 aged 2–4 years, 45 aged 5–11 years, and 37 aged 12–17 years; mean and median ages were 7.2 years and 5.9 years, respectively.

It is important to note that the majority of the deaths were not even in those that are claimed to be at risk, which is usually those under 5 years of age.

How many adults actually died of the flu? Well that number gets trickier. The CDC claims that they can’t “accurately track this number,” so they lump it together with pneumonia. Funny how they can keep track of it in children though, and are required to by law. (Keep in mind that there are many causes to pneumonia- bacteria, hospital-acquired, viral etc. whereas the flu, the ACTUAL influenza, is caused by a virus. If any other “scientific” organization started lumping completely different diseases like this together, don’t think there wouldn’t be an outcry from the same so-called “scientific” community and organization.)

The percentage of the total number of hospitalized patients is not broken down by children vs. adults. This number is kept in the dark. So looking at the adult rate of death The CDC doesn’t even really give those numbers, they instead claim this:

The weekly percentage of deaths attributed to P&I ranged from 5.0% to 9.3% (Figure 4). The peak weekly percentages of deaths attributed to P&I for the previous five seasons ranged from 7.9% during the 2011–12 season to 9.9% during the 2012–13 season.

We know that 141 children died. We know that each week, anywhere from 5-9.3% of deaths were from pneumonia and influenza. Let’s assume that the overall incidence of death is 7%. (They use the figure each week, but since it peaks at 9.3%, we’ll be generous here.) This means that from BOTH and COMBINED pneumonia and influenza, approximately 8783 adults died.

The CDC does not say what percentage of the hospitalized patients died. We do know that the CDC estimates that 79% of the deaths from P&I were from adults aged 65 and older, which equates to 6983 deaths from our estimate from above. We know that older persons are susceptible to many illnesses, and many have multiple medical issues. They don’t call pneumonia “the old man’s friend” for nothing.

If we also look at the fact that the majority of those hospitalized also have other disease and illness, isn’t it safe to assume that the remaining 1800 or so deaths are likely due to the fact that these people are not healthy to begin with? These are people who are already sick, already have underlying illness and disease, and some of whom may not or may not be able to take proper care of themselves.

Updated 11/1/2015: So apparently, the data on adult influenza deaths ARE published, but not until about three years after the fact. They DO actually keep track of this data via the National Vital Statistics System. The 2015 report was released in August and had numbers for 2012. The report can be located here:

So how many people died in 2012 from influenza? 1106. Total. That’s right. Only 1106 people in the entire United States died of influenza in 2012. This number does not drastically change from year to year. The CDC KNOWS this, yet they still continue to tout the fake 30,000 number!

(Thanks for the info Alison!)

So why are we pushing to vaccinate healthy people against a disease that they have a very unlikely chance or not only actually getting each year, but a very minute chance of even dying from it?

The evidence does not support the forced vaccination of healthcare workers in any way, shape, or form!

Blatant FRAUD from MedImmune, creators of FluMist

Their website above says it’s for healthcare professionals only, so enter at your own risk.

MedImmune is blatantly LYING on their website. They claim that ”

Approximately 16 to 63 million individuals in the US are infected with influenza every year,”


(Screenshot of website in case they change or remove it.)

This is a LIE. This is FRAUD. According to the CDC numbers last year alone, there were only 125,462 confirmed cases for the 2014-2015 flu season.


(Screenshot of the CDC website.)

#STOPTHELIES MedImmune! Tell the truth.

There is a VERY far cry between 125,000 and 6-63 million. You are creating numbers that simply do not exist.

They further lie about their product and claim ” In clinical studies with trivalent FluMist, transmission of vaccine viruses to close contacts has occurred only rarely. The current estimated risk of getting infected with vaccine virus after close contact with a person vaccinated with FluMist Quadrivalent is low (1%-2%). Because the viruses are weakened, infection is unlikely to result in influenza illness symptoms since the vaccine viruses have not been shown to mutate into typical or naturally occurring influenza viruses”


Yet their vaccine insert tells a VERY different story:

Up to 89% of those who received the vaccine shed up to 28 days. and they only kept track of shedding and transmission for 21 days.

flumist insert

On top of that, they used a calculation model from the 1920’s to get their “estimated” findings on shedding…… Anyone else see anything wrong with these “facts?”

Guest Blog- Civil Disobedience

Hello Fellow Healthcare Worker! Having managed so far to avoid being fired for refusing the Flu vaccine, with methods ranging from Religious Exemption, to Mask-Wearing, here are some of my observations “from the field”, in hopes that you may find something that will be useful in your own situation. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and in America, Civil Disobedience has a long and effective history of being utilized by those oppressed, to bring attention to their plight, gain sympathy from persons of influence, and change the course of the national conversation regarding their cause.
The more trouble we can make Mandatory Vaccination Time for the employer, the more annoyed they will be with the whole process. Most people really don’t like having to get shots. This has to include some Managers, Human Resources, Infection Control nurses, Pastoral Care, Administrators, office staff, & Legal department personnel. These people are not going to go against the tide, they “go along to get along”. However, at least some of them have to secretly be a little disgruntled about the whole thing. Some may even be secretly cheering us on. let’s leverage any support we can get from them. If they are not against us, they may potentially be for us. The more of a hassle & a headache it is, to get the 90% vaccinated, & prepare & submit all the necessary documentation, plus the nuisance of dealing with exemptions, declinations, & documenting & policing all of that, every year, the worse of a taste it will leave in people’s mouths. These people are busy, most of them surely don’t need more impositions on their time. (This can also work in our favor in the future, if the flu shot is enough of a hassle, when CMS attempts to mandate even more vaccines, employers who are already having enough trouble keeping up with the flu vaccine, may begin to “push back” a little.)
When they roll out “Flu Shot Time”, try asking your fellow employees, to please consider waiting until the last possible day to get their mandatory shot. You can say you are helping participate  in the national observance of “After You Day!” This day will vary from each place of employment, it is basically the final day of any “deadline” that is given, to get a flu shot.  We can frame it in a positive way: Healthcare workers are conscious of the fact that some years there are flu vaccine shortages, and being the noble self-sacrificing professionals we are, we merely wish for all others to have their chance to get the vaccine first. If employer says “Oh, we have enough for everybody”, staff can demur & say,“Oh, that’s ok, we always think of others first!”  Having a substantial portion of the employees wait until the last day, would surely cause some teeth-gnashing in the Infection Control office. They may move back the deadline, in which case the staff should take advantage of getting to wait longer! (Wouldn’t it be great if this really did catch on as a national thing? The public would have to ask, why DO all those healthcare people put off getting THEIR shot until the last possible day? See the lightbulbs go on above people’s heads.)
1) Don’t go to the vaccine pushers, make them come looking for you.If you are in danger of being fired over the issue:  Drag out all interactions. Don’t respond to emails right away. Make appointments for meetings as far in the future as possible. Make the meetings last a long time. If you are handed something to read &/or sign, take as long as possible reading it.  Ask for clarification.  Pause a long time to digest the “clarification”. Also, most people don’t realize, they usually don’t have to sign *anything* “right now”.  Say you would need to take the paper (or at least a copy) home with you so you can research it further, or talk it over with… (pause)… “someone”.
Than, don’t be in any hurry to return the paperwork. If they press you to return it, say you need more time. You might even misplace it!
2) Regarding signing anything, follow suggestions others have posted to NAMV , such as, drawing a line through things you don’t agree with, writing in your own statements, & then signing “Under duress” next to your signature, are all ways to resist.
If you have to, for example, write in a reason for declining, you can type your statement out, print it off, then make a copy of their paper with your typed statement superimposed over the area where you were supposed to handwrite an answer. (It helps to use a bolder typeface than their paper used.) It looks much more serious & professional, when you can turn in a paper that they thought would have a little handwritten statement on it, to rather look like you mean business. Insist on having a copy of everything.
3) If you have to meet with management, or Human Resources, try to meet with just one person, & then after that meeting, request to meet with their superior, or your superior, or any other department you can think to involve (see list above), but, make the meetings one at a time, and as many days apart from each other, as possible. The goal is to stay employed as looong as possible, plus those meetings should be on paid time, right?
4) If your hospital requires masks, depending on their policy, flout it when you are off-duty. If staff is allowed to have family members or others stop by the nurses station to pick up or drop things off, chat briefly, etc, while on duty, make sure to stop by to do similar things to your on-duty coworkers, unmasked. Bring cookies to your on-duty coworkers. Visit in the rooms of friends or relatives who are hospitalized. Eat meals at the hospital cafeteria (maybe lunch dates with your on-duty coworkers?) on your time off. All without a mask. (See lightbulbs go on.)
5) If you are to be terminated, (DON’T Resign!), don’t go with quiet dignity. Be angry (not threatening) or miserable, whichever feels right to you. Make them (from the higher-ups to the secretaries) look you in the eye. Make them squirm with discomfort. Try to make sure their consciences bother them. Your tears affect your fellow humans at the gut level. Especially in health care, where empathy is hopefully in greater supply. Take a long time to clean out your desk, locker, etc., & do it when there are likely to be the most people around. Write farewell notes. We want this to affect morale. If coworkers are fearful & resentful, and higher-ups are feeling, used, guilty, & uncomfortable, that is as it should be.
6) Once terminated, then gather your quiet but cheerful dignity about you, hold your head up, and go back to visit often, taking cookies to former coworkers, visiting patients, eating in the hospital cafeteria, (lunch dates with former coworkers?), visiting the chapel, anywhere where members of the public can be. Smile a lot. You are Free!
7) If terminated, can you network with others in your area?  As a group, perhaps you can get local news media interested in your story. If interviewed, stay on-topic, i.e., this is about resisting MANDATORY vaccination, don’t stray into individual concerns about vaccine safety, ingredients, etc. Or possibly say, “No vaccine is 100% effective, and no vaccine is 100% risk-free. Vaccination is an invasive medical procedure, and we support voluntary, informed consent only, for our patients as well as ourselves.”
8) If you are a religious person, pray for guidance before any meeting. Christians may wish to ask the Holy Spirit to give them the right words. Catholics may wish to ask the intercession of St. Michael, or another favorite saint. If you work for a Faith-based entity, where meetings are often opened with a prayer, before meeting with anyone in regard to your declining the flu shot, say you would like to begin the meeting with a prayer, and have an appropriate prayer ready.
9) If you absolutely feel you have no option but to get the shot (Nursing Students have my greatest sympathies here!), you may find that being forced into a vaccination is likely to haunt you and be memorable to you for a long time. The person who gives you the shot may find it a memorable experience also. Your soul is likely to be in agony over this and you may find yourself giving your soul full expression at the time the shot is being given. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself letting out your pent up frustration, screaming, sobbing, hyperventilating, writhing, jumping around, yelling, knocking the syringe away, all giving expression to the angst you are feeling at this violation of your body and your conscience. When you finally get control of yourself afterward, you may need to explain the reaction was out of your control. You may wish to ask the person who gave you the shot, to then help you fill out & file a Vaccine Adverse Event Report (VAERS) to the government, and, be sure to mention you hope you don’t get Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from this whole event. If you DO experience symptoms such as loss of sleep, depression, crying for no reason, anxiety, nervousness, appetite disturbances, poor concentration, having flashbacks causing you to feel shaky & ill when you have to be around needles at work, etc., be sure to seek medical attention to document the after effects & difficulties you are having. If you do end up having to sue for workplace trauma or file a disability claim it will be very important to have documents with dates, times, who what, where, and medical records showing how forced vaccination has adversely affected you.
Be brave, fellow Healthcare Worker, and remember, while the other side accuses us of not protecting our patients, understand, we ARE protecting them from something far worse than Influenza, by fighting to protect the right to Informed Consent and the right of competent adults to control their own healthcare decisions. This IS for our patients!  Samantha C.

Open Letter to Janie Harvey Garner at Show Me Your Stethoscope

Good morning Janie,

I hope you slept well.

I woke up this morning to find out that instead of uniting nurses, you have decide to make the #nursesunited movement your own personal mission to insult many members of your profession. You at some point, posted the following post on the Show Me Your Stethoscope page that you apparently started.


Well we here at NAMV do not take lightly to being called pseudo-science believers. We also do not take lightly to other nurses who claim to be open-minded, and calling for nurses to unite, while shaming and belittling us.

I suppose it’s pseudo-science when a nurse, who has been forced to vaccinate to keep her job, gets Guillan Barre syndrome from a flu vaccine and can no longer work? That same nurse is not given any compensation for years as it goes through the vaccine courts!

I suppose it’s pseudo-science to actually look at a vaccine insert and discover that even the manufacturer states their product only works 46% of the time? (There’s a YouTube video uploaded about a week ago that confirms this. You may Google it, if you don’t consider that pseudo-science.)

And I guess it’s also pseudo-science when other highly educated nurses believe that no one should be forced into having a medical procedure against their will?

Oh, my bad!

Well guess what Janie? You don’t speak for me or our 25,000 members. We don’t need your pseudo-movement of “nurses united” to speak for us when you are clearly divisive, and don’t truly understand the definition of the word “united.” (It usually means the inclusiveness of all, even those who may have a little bit of a different belief than you. You can also look it up in the dictionary, since you are so much smarter than all of us!)

And for the record, NAMV is NOT anti-vaccine. We are pro-choice. We believe in the Patient Bill of Rights where it says that all patients (including healthcare workers) should be able to make an informed decision and refuse medical treatment if it’s not needed.

So Janie, who is paying your bills? Big Pharma? It’s interesting that according to your Facebook profile, you were not only in the Navy, but you are currently assisting our vets. Do you force them to have medical treatments against their will as well? Do you actually believe in freedom (having served in the military) or do you believe that only certain people are entitled to freedom?

Go back to the basics Janie Harvey Garner. Look at what unity is. You can not have unity without the inclusion of all. I hope you realize that what you have said, as a nurse, is going to go viral, and you may see the tables now turned against you.

NAMV is looking for two new board members AND a social media director!

If you’ve been wanting a chance to get involved and make a difference with NAMV, here’s your chance.

NAMV is looking for two new board members. This will involve helping to monitor our Facebook page, attend quarterly board meetings, help with fundraising efforts, and help with legislative and legal efforts of our cause.

If you are interested, please email your resume and letter of interest to

We are also looking for a social media director! Someone who can act as a face for our organization and represent us when needed. This is a volunteer position, but you must be strong-minded, professional, have social media experience, and be willing to put forth a great effort of getting our cause out there. If you are interested, please email your resume to