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#ShowMeYourMask Campaign- by Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines

If you are here because you are interested in learning more about the #ShowMeYourMask Campaign, you have landed at the right place.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) What is the #Showmeyourmask campaign about?

The #Showmeyourmask campaign is about forced vaccination policies in the workplace for healthcare workers. Many hospitals and healthcare organizations have created mandatory vaccination policies in regard to the flu vaccine so that they do not lose up to a 2% incentive payment from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

2.) What is this 2% payment you are talking about?

The 2% payment or incentive program is part of the hospital value-based purchasing program. In 2010 it became part of the ACA signed into law by Barack Obama. The hospital value-based purchasing program gives incentive or penalty payments to hospital systems based on how well or poorly they are doing. One of the quality measures is percentage of vaccinated staff in regard to influenza. If the hospital system can not show a higher percentage of vaccinated staff, then they may not get a 2% incentive payment.

It is also suspected, but not yet confirmed, that hospitals are also receiving “kickbacks” from vaccine manufacturers as well.

3.) Isn’t it illegal to have a mandatory vaccination policy?

It hasn’t been shown to be, yet, but we believe that it’s coming. Many of our members also have their religious, medical, and personal rights sabotaged daily by being forced into a shaming tactic such as a mask, sticker, button, etc. There are also questions as to what happens if an employee is injured, as well as what’s next? Mandatory haircuts? Forced bariatric surgery for obese staff? When will it end? Our Canadian brothers and sisters recently had a huge victory when a court there decided that mandatory vaccination polices were not evidence based, and that masking is being used as a shaming technique. It is only a matter of time before this comes here. We are confident that it will be shown to be illegal!

4.) You’re stupid and shouldn’t be in healthcare. You should all have your licenses revoked.

Yes, we hear this often. However, we are patients as well as healthcare professionals. We have rights. There is no scientific or evidence based rationale or reasoning to having mandatory flu vaccines. How would you like it if someone came to you tomorrow and said you had to have mandatory surgery because you’re too fat to do your job? Or that you had to wear hearing aids every day because you have selective hearing problems, and if you don’t do this you will lose your job? The idea is the same. No person should be forced to have a medical procedure in order to keep their job. Also, I may have a medical reason for not receiving the vaccine, and that is none of your business.

5.) You have the choice to wear a mask, so why are you still fighting this?

Some places do not even give the allowance of a mask. The CDC does not recommend the wearing of a mask, and says that it is pointless. Some of the mask boxes even say that it will not prevent the spread or infection of a virus. The mask is used as a shaming tool and tactic and nothing more.

6.) The flu vaccine saves lives and is 60% effective.

No it does not, and no it is not. In the last few years, efficacy rates of the vaccine have been anywhere from 10-23%. Hardly effective. The Cochrane Collaboration says that healthy adults shouldn’t be vaccinated against the flu. The flu vaccine also has one of the highest rates of injury, according to the vaccine reporting registry maintained by the US.

7.) 30,000 people are dying each year and millions are hospitalized with the flu. You are endangering lives!

No, we are not. And 30,000 people are not dying from the flu each year. We have previously addressed this in our post that is located here: We are not endangering lives, and the chance of people getting the flu is actually quite low.

8.) If this is really happening, how is it legal for an employer to mandate vaccines?

Mainly because very few lawyers are willing to take this on. You’d think this would be a civil, religious, and labor slam dunk as far as lawsuits go, but too many lawyers are afraid to go up against the big hospital systems. It’s too bad, because not only would it set precedent, it might start to scare some of these hospital systems, and have them stop violating the rights of their workers.

9.) You have the right to refuse, but you also have the right to work somewhere else.

Yes, but again, this is not based in scientific rationale; it is done so that my employer can receive a payment or incentive from the government for having a staff that has been vaccinated against the flu; there is no other reason for this program. If that were the case, they would have started vaccinating staff 30 years ago when flu vaccines were first introduced. It is disturbing that there are people who believe that it is acceptable that healthcare workers are forcefully vaccinated with a vaccine that doesn’t work, for a viral disease that mutates and most people survive, in order to receive a little bit of money at the end of the year. That should be criminal.

10.) If this is really happening, why aren’t hospitals telling their staff this?

It is really happening, and they are not telling their staff this because they don’t have to. They tell staff that they are “stupid and ignorant” if they do not vaccinate, because it is the “best way to prevent the spread of the flu.” Clearly they forget about all the trouble Ms. Nightingale went to with the handwashing thing, but I digress. Hospitals have a reason to keep this secret. If they told everyone about this, there would be a revolt. Staff do not want to sell their bodies out for a dollar. if they realized that these policies were in place so that their employer received money, I highly doubt that 99% of staff would be rolling up their sleeves. Instead, they are forced with facing termination, demotions, shaming tactics, harassment from other staff, and even from management.

11.) What happens if you are injured on the job from the flu vaccine?

That remains to be seen. So far, one nurse aide has won a multi-million dollar lawsuit, after she was paralyzed. This is a scary question. The vaccine industry is protected from lawsuits. Some attorneys state that hosptials are protected, when they make you sign a so-called “informed consent” form. (That in reality, does NOT provide informed consent!) Yet others state that workman’s comp laws would protect you. If the hospital was able to get out of paying, it could be years before a VAERS lawsuit was settled. In the meantime, a healthcare worker could go broke or bankrupt. Many of our members are the main income provider to their families; not only can they not afford to be out of a job, but they can’t afford an injury either. It is setting a very scary precedent. Many of our members are even afraid to post to our Facebook page, or join our organization because they are so afraid of their employers finding out and firing them. This is not the America that I want to live in!

12.) Isn’t this in violation of the Nuremberg Code and violation of informed consent? What about HIPAA?

Under HIPAA, vaccine status is exempt. However, there are still violations of employment laws of medical privacy, and there are violations of informed consent. Let’s put it this way: if I had AIDS, and my employer made me wear a sticker that said “I have AIDS,” all hell would break loose. Not being vaccinated is the same thing; my right to medical privacy is NO ONE’s business, and employers violate their staff privacy every single day. The Nuremberg Codes required true informed consent when obtaining a medical procedure, including the RIGHT TO REFUSE. Healthcare workers are denied this option every single day.

13.) What can I do to help?

Join us! Visit our website at Make a donation at Even if you’re not a nurse or healthcare worker, take a photo with a mask on and use the tag #ShowMeYourMask (and other creative ones!) and then tag NAMV on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Twitter= namvorg

Instagram= namvofficial

Facebook: NursesAgainstMandatoryVaccines

Write a letter to your Congressman! Write a letter to your area hospital president and let them know that you do not support this, and they need to tell their employees the truth. Tell your co-workers and patients the truth. Contact your local news station and tell them to stop repeating the 30,000 death lie, and hold them accountable. These are all desperately needed!

Let’s raise awareness this November and let’s show our masks in protest of mandatory vaccination policies! Let’s get the TRUTH out there.


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