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Some interesting facts about the new reporting requirements for HCW and their vaccine status

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Since we now know the REAL reason behind the mandatory vaccination demands from employers, we thought we would delve a little bit deeper and do some research to find out what information is being reported. The above is a slide show from the CDC explaining the new “rules” that facilities have to follow so we are going to break this down according to different slides.

This information, I would like to point out, is NOT easy to find. It took a lot of trial and error to track this down. The government is doing us, “we the people” a horrific disservice by not making this information more readily available. (We have also saved a copy of this, so if it magically disappears, as government postings have been known to do, please email us and we will forward on a copy for you.)

Ok, ready? Here we go.

This program is called “The Healthcare Personnel Safety Component” and discusses in depth, what the requirements are for reporting the private medical information of a hospital systems healthcare professionals. NOTE: to the best of our ability we found no information giving HCP the option to opt out of this. There is something wrong with this.

Slide 6: Slide 6 says that this is a VOLUNTARY report and that all information is kept confidential. With the government keeping tabs on this we aren’t really sure just how confidential it is, since this information will also be released publicly at later dates. (If it is truly voluntary, then were is the individual opt out option for the HCW?)

Slide 10: discusses what the HCP Vaccination Module is and what it does. It says that the goal is to make sure that the rate of vaccination is “consistent” and “comparable across facilities. Then it uses this frightening statement: “Improvements in tracking and reporting HCP vaccination status may allow for identification and targeting of unvaccinated HCP.” So it reveals that it’s REAL purpose is to target and identify those of us who are unvaccinated. This is against the law, and is in violation of the 14th ammendment. We should all be afraid of this program! (Employers should legally and ethically be required to report this information!)

The next few slides discuss what exactly needs to be reported on, and who is responsible for reporting the information.

Slide 21: this starts the discussion of the actual reporting requirements of HCP.

The next slides discuss who actually is a reportable HCP and how that information is reportable. (Doctors interestingly enough ARE supposed to be included in with the reporting requirements, though we all know that many of them refuse the vaccine.)

Slide 29: this is one of the more interesting slides in the whole presentation. It point blank says that a signed document form or email from a HCW IS an acceptable form of documenting if an employee received the flu shot. It further states that a note or receipt from an outside vaccination facility is ALSO an acceptable form of reporting that the employee had the flu shot. If this is good enough for the government, then it MUST be good enough for your hospital system.

Slide 30: states point blank that a VERBAL statement of not being able to accept a vaccine IS an allowable form of refusal. It does not state that a doctor or other medical professional must sign off on whatever the contraindication is. (Again, this is coming straight from the government.)

Slide 31: states that a verbal refusal is an acceptable and documentable reason for refusing the vaccine.

(They repeatedly state that documentation is NOT required. Hospital systems who are requiring these items may find themselves in sticky situation.)

The rest of the presentation covers how to add information into the computer system itself.

Overall, this program is now in place to make sure that you are complying, and if not, you will be targeted. I think the CDC makes this pretty clear. There is never a better time than NOW to start fighting for your individual rights.

One other thing to remember is this: documentation is repeatedly mentioned as NOT being required. The CDC states repeatedly that VERBAL reporting is an acceptable means of receiving this information. Your employer does not need to know the who/what/where/when/why of why you can’t receive a vaccine. (And neither does anyone else for that matter!)



One thought on “Some interesting facts about the new reporting requirements for HCW and their vaccine status

  1. Gotta love that remark: “identification and targeting of unvaccinated HCP”. It’s like the hunt is on and for HCPs it’s open season. This phrase shows how little regard there is for persons who work in Healthcare. When and where did this nation get taken over by rampant corporatism, that displays such arrogance toward nurses and other folk of good will in their employ?


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