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Open Letter to Janie Harvey Garner at Show Me Your Stethoscope

Good morning Janie,

I hope you slept well.

I woke up this morning to find out that instead of uniting nurses, you have decide to make the #nursesunited movement your own personal mission to insult many members of your profession. You at some point, posted the following post on the Show Me Your Stethoscope page that you apparently started.


Well we here at NAMV do not take lightly to being called pseudo-science believers. We also do not take lightly to other nurses who claim to be open-minded, and calling for nurses to unite, while shaming and belittling us.

I suppose it’s pseudo-science when a nurse, who has been forced to vaccinate to keep her job, gets Guillan Barre syndrome from a flu vaccine and can no longer work? That same nurse is not given any compensation for years as it goes through the vaccine courts!

I suppose it’s pseudo-science to actually look at a vaccine insert and discover that even the manufacturer states their product only works 46% of the time? (There’s a YouTube video uploaded about a week ago that confirms this. You may Google it, if you don’t consider that pseudo-science.)

And I guess it’s also pseudo-science when other highly educated nurses believe that no one should be forced into having a medical procedure against their will?

Oh, my bad!

Well guess what Janie? You don’t speak for me or our 25,000 members. We don’t need your pseudo-movement of “nurses united” to speak for us when you are clearly divisive, and don’t truly understand the definition of the word “united.” (It usually means the inclusiveness of all, even those who may have a little bit of a different belief than you. You can also look it up in the dictionary, since you are so much smarter than all of us!)

And for the record, NAMV is NOT anti-vaccine. We are pro-choice. We believe in the Patient Bill of Rights where it says that all patients (including healthcare workers) should be able to make an informed decision and refuse medical treatment if it’s not needed.

So Janie, who is paying your bills? Big Pharma? It’s interesting that according to your Facebook profile, you were not only in the Navy, but you are currently assisting our vets. Do you force them to have medical treatments against their will as well? Do you actually believe in freedom (having served in the military) or do you believe that only certain people are entitled to freedom?

Go back to the basics Janie Harvey Garner. Look at what unity is. You can not have unity without the inclusion of all. I hope you realize that what you have said, as a nurse, is going to go viral, and you may see the tables now turned against you.


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