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Stop the Lies- 30,000 people are NOT dying from the flu in the US each year!

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And this is according to the numbers provided directly from the CDC:

The lies need to stop. We talk about evidence-based practice, so let’s look at what the evidence says.

As of today’s date there are 322,014,008 people living in the USA.

The CDC says that

During September 28, 2014–May 23, 2015, World Health Organization (WHO) and National Respiratory and Enteric Virus Surveillance System collaborating laboratories in the United States tested 691,952 specimens for influenza viruses; 125,462 (18.1%) were positive.

So there were only 125,462 cases of confirmed influenza for last year’s flu season in the United States. Out of 322,014,008 people, this accounts for 0.0004% of the population that actually had confirmed influenza and not just flu-like illness.

Furthermore, the CDC states that out of these 125,462 cases,

17,911 total hospitalizations resulting from influenza during October 1, 2014–April 30, 2015

So, if only 17,911 people are hospitalized, how on earth can 30,000 people be dead of the US of influenza?

And among the adults that were hospitalized, most had other conditions that also contributed to their hospitalization as “the most frequent underlying conditions were cardiovascular disease (51.0%), metabolic disorders (45.8%) and obesity (33.1%)”

We also hear each year that pregnant women are at a huge risk of being hospitalized and dying of the flu…

So the official numbers state that of the “626 women hospitalized of childbearing age, …200 were pregnant.”

Oh, but it gets better.

We hear each year that children are keeling over left and right from influenza, but the data says otherwise.

In the 2014-2015 flu season there were 141 pediatric deaths. Of these 141 deaths,  40 of them, or 26.4%, had asthma or active airway disease. (Please understand, each life is precious and we in no way wish to demean or negate the death of the child. We are looking at the data and the true numbers to get the truth released!)

The deaths occurred in 14 children aged <6 months, 23 aged 6–23 months, 22 aged 2–4 years, 45 aged 5–11 years, and 37 aged 12–17 years; mean and median ages were 7.2 years and 5.9 years, respectively.

It is important to note that the majority of the deaths were not even in those that are claimed to be at risk, which is usually those under 5 years of age.

How many adults actually died of the flu? Well that number gets trickier. The CDC claims that they can’t “accurately track this number,” so they lump it together with pneumonia. Funny how they can keep track of it in children though, and are required to by law. (Keep in mind that there are many causes to pneumonia- bacteria, hospital-acquired, viral etc. whereas the flu, the ACTUAL influenza, is caused by a virus. If any other “scientific” organization started lumping completely different diseases like this together, don’t think there wouldn’t be an outcry from the same so-called “scientific” community and organization.)

The percentage of the total number of hospitalized patients is not broken down by children vs. adults. This number is kept in the dark. So looking at the adult rate of death The CDC doesn’t even really give those numbers, they instead claim this:

The weekly percentage of deaths attributed to P&I ranged from 5.0% to 9.3% (Figure 4). The peak weekly percentages of deaths attributed to P&I for the previous five seasons ranged from 7.9% during the 2011–12 season to 9.9% during the 2012–13 season.

We know that 141 children died. We know that each week, anywhere from 5-9.3% of deaths were from pneumonia and influenza. Let’s assume that the overall incidence of death is 7%. (They use the figure each week, but since it peaks at 9.3%, we’ll be generous here.) This means that from BOTH and COMBINED pneumonia and influenza, approximately 8783 adults died.

The CDC does not say what percentage of the hospitalized patients died. We do know that the CDC estimates that 79% of the deaths from P&I were from adults aged 65 and older, which equates to 6983 deaths from our estimate from above. We know that older persons are susceptible to many illnesses, and many have multiple medical issues. They don’t call pneumonia “the old man’s friend” for nothing.

If we also look at the fact that the majority of those hospitalized also have other disease and illness, isn’t it safe to assume that the remaining 1800 or so deaths are likely due to the fact that these people are not healthy to begin with? These are people who are already sick, already have underlying illness and disease, and some of whom may not or may not be able to take proper care of themselves.

Updated 11/1/2015: So apparently, the data on adult influenza deaths ARE published, but not until about three years after the fact. They DO actually keep track of this data via the National Vital Statistics System. The 2015 report was released in August and had numbers for 2012. The report can be located here:

So how many people died in 2012 from influenza? 1106. Total. That’s right. Only 1106 people in the entire United States died of influenza in 2012. This number does not drastically change from year to year. The CDC KNOWS this, yet they still continue to tout the fake 30,000 number!

(Thanks for the info Alison!)

So why are we pushing to vaccinate healthy people against a disease that they have a very unlikely chance or not only actually getting each year, but a very minute chance of even dying from it?

The evidence does not support the forced vaccination of healthcare workers in any way, shape, or form!

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