Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines

Blog and writings for members and non-members of those who do not support forced vaccination in the workplace.

30 days of #ShowMeYourMask Starts Today!

Please join us for 30 days of #ShowMeYourMask!

We are excited to be running this campaign, and we want to raise awareness for the real reason behind forced flu vaccines.

Hospitals, wake up. Our bodies are not for sale. We are going to run hard and fast with this campaign, and your lies will be exposed this month. Patients will understand why their nurses are masked. The real numbers of the flu are coming out. The truth about the vaccine efficacy is coming out. We hope to attract the attention of lawyers across the nation who are willing to sue you for this unethical and illegal mandates that you have enacted.

Are you ready?

Healthcare workers are you ready? Mask up! Share this on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Linkedin!

Let’s educate, let’s advocate, and let’s stop this now!


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