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Moving Away From Facebook and Other Important Information

As many of you are now aware, we are moving away from Facebook at this time. We have decided to unpublish on Facebook from now through January 1. We are doing this for several reasons, and we want to be transparent about this.
First and foremost, the page has grown too large for just a few of us to manage. We have asked repeatedly for volunteers to assist with this, but have so far, not received any assistance with this. Understandably, it is a very large job, but right now, our admin team needs to be with our families and look forward to the holidays. The personal attacks and trolls are too much to handle right now. We also recognize the need to keep those who are against our mission not aware of every step that we are taking, so that they cannot circumvent the work that we are doing.

With that in mind, we will be moving primarily to our member’s only private website. We will be utilizing our private message boards and putting more and more research on our private website. For only $20 per year, we will offer a full year membership to applicants. For those of you who have not wanted to sign up via PayPal, we now have a new secure credit card processing option for you, and this will be rolled out in the next 24 hours! We are pleased as can be about this, and hope that this will allow more people to participate in our membership website. We have some great message boards on our members website, and you can meet others in your state and local areas!

To join our members only pages, please visit and sign up. Our new credit card processing system will be available in the next 24 hours!

State Chapters

We have also realized that we are in desperate need of State Chapters. We realize now more than ever that we are going to be having to fight these mandates at the state level. As you know there is action pending in several states right now to make it illegal for these vaccine mandates. We believe that the state level is where it is going to be at. If you are interested in starting a State Chapter, please email for more information.

Thank you all for understanding!


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