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Employee vaccination rates are tied to government funding and reimbursement.

After many hours of research, NAMV determined and discovered that employee vaccination rates are tied to government reimbursement rates. Some of our members and colleagues doubt this information, so this post is to set the record straight.

The goal set by the CDC and the Health People 2020 Initiative, is that healthcare personnel will be vaccinated at a rate of 90% or higher. Currently hospitals and healthcare systems are only required to report that they are vaccinating their staff, and the rates that the staff are vaccinated. However, in the years to come, it is our professional opinion, that this means that the goal is to have 90% or higher vaccination rates of staff, and this is why the mandates have come about in the healthcare system. We have discussed this previously, but doubt still seems to exist for whatever reason.

Here is the document discussing the 2% reduction in benefits if employee vaccination rates are not reported:

Here is the document from the CDC discussing the Healthy People 2020 Goals, and how the formula is used to show how many staff members are vaccinated:

The two are clearly going hand in hand. It is very easy to tie this information together, because you can not have one without the other. We have gone to much trouble to track this information down. The government has changed the links at least twice since our initial posting, and the information itself is very difficult to find. Contrary to what some have claimed, we are not making this up, and we believe that this is only going to get worse if we do not address it sooner rather than later.

Other sites that discuss the 2% rule and reimbursement? Here:,d.aWw&cad=rja

Click to access PW_Imm_Influenza-Immunization-Healthcare-Worker-Toolkit-2012-12-18.pdf

Click to access dhcq-1401607.pdf

Click to access HCW-Vaccination-7-16-2014.pdf

Click to access influenza_subgroup_final_report.pdf

And these are just a few that touch on these rules. The fact remains is that government funding is clearly tied to these employee mandates, and that should not be so. Financial reimbursement is very different from patient safety- which is the lie used to force these mandates on nurses and other healthcare workers.

Disturbing news- Family vaccine mandates now linked to insurance premium costs of healthcare workers!

NAMV is disturbed to learn today that several healthcare organizations in the US, have now made it mandatory that spouses and children of healthcare workers receive the influenza vaccine (among others) or their insurance premiums will increase significantly.

Currently, we are aware that this hospital system: is one of the healthcare organizations that has started to implement this policy.

We are actively looking for written proof of these new mandates. If you or someone you know is working for a healthcare organization requiring this, please email us at