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A Message from the President of NAMV

I have been called stupid, ignorant, have been told that I have no business being in healthcare, and that I am harming or killing patients, and that I am an anti-vaccine nutjob.

Well let me set the record straight. I am none of these things. I am one of the first people in my family to not only have a full college degree, but to have a master’s degree. In about a year, I will be the first person to have a doctorate in my family, ever. I am a hard working nurse, a wife, and in a couple of months will be a parent for the first time. I still have hopes and dreams and ambitions much like anyone else. I also have in my life been fully immunized. I believe that some vaccines have saved lives. Others are simply a profit making scheme for big companies (ahem, flu vaccine), much like other medications and non-lifesaving treatments are that are out and about as well. (And by the way, since I have been previously vaccinated in another lifetime, I am fully immune to just about everything. Surprised?!)

When I started Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines, I did so, because there was no one there to speak out for me. I took a position with a large hospital organization in my area. During my orientation, I had to see THEIR occupational health people who poked, prodded, stabbed, and laughed at my questions instead of answering my serious concerns and thoughts. This is not the way that nurses should treat or educate one another. The organization had their mandatory influenza vaccine policy, and in my ignorant state, I didn’t know that I should fight against it. That was my first and only influenza vaccine that I have ever had. And, that I will ever have.

In 2012, I did my master’s thesis on mandatory flu vaccines. I was a bit perplexed and very angry at the push all across the nation for nurses to either a.) be vaccinated against the influenza, or b.) lose their jobs. That didn’t seem fair to me. It still doesn’t. What type of free country forces medical procedures on people? On top of that, I knew that the CDC said that it wasn’t even an efficient vaccine, and that it may have protected only about 50% of those who obtained it. To say that it reminded me of other human experimentation programs is a bit understated. I wanted to know if there were other nurses like myself. I partnered with a group in Michigan called Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines to do my project. Their Facebook page can be found here:

I have also submitted my doctoral research proposal on ethical and legal complications of mandatory vaccine programs in the workplace. I have been assured that my topic is well-thought out, and is thought provoking enough to very likely be published when I am complete.

To say that I have done my research on flu vaccines is to put it mildly. I continue to do research and continue to share this research with our fellow members at NAMV. And we are growing. Every day I get a new message from a member saying “thank you.” Every day I get to see the site statistics grow for our organization. This type of support and type of organizing is what America was founded on. The larger that our organization grows, the bigger we can become in order to help support other nurses and other healthcare professionals facing the same persecution. ( I also get trolls and hate mail threatening my nursing license and my job on a near daily basis.)

One of the biggest things that we are constantly asked about is support, and awareness, and financial backing. Unfortunately, in spite of our large size, we are not able to do much, due to lack of financial support coming in. It costs money to do these things, and quite frankly, we have very little of it. Overall this year, we have raised less than $5000. Considering we have nearly 17,000 members, this makes me cringe a little. If every member could donate just one dollar, we could help move mountains!

We currently have a BonFireFunds fundraiser going on, and have been using a GoFundMe Account for over two months with precious little to show for it. If folks can raise enough money for a waitress who was snubbed a tip, then surely, we can raise enough money to have a pool of funds to help others out there like ourselves. Please consider donating to one of our funds. We are a fully licensed and registered business, and our articles of incorporation are filed and on record. We are still awaiting our non-profit status, but that has been filed as well.

I work about 30 hours a week on Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines. I would also like to point out that unlike other so-called professionals, I do this at home- not from my place of employment. I work nights, early mornings, and many a weekend on the organization. ( With 17,000 plus members we have many moderators and assistants that also work  for free to monitor Facebook, write articles, and to complete research.)This is unpaid work, but my heart is into it and so that doesn’t matter. I want to bring awareness, and I want to bring the truth to people who may not otherwise know about it. I was fairly ignorant when I began my own journey, and there is no looking back now.

One thing that we have done now is to organize a march and rally nationwide on November 1. Everyone wants to participate, but no one wants to claim ownership. To give you an idea how easy this is, I will share it with you so that you yourself, can lead one in your own hometown. 1.) We have already picked the date for you, so that is taken care of 2.) You find a location. Even a street corner is fine. Preferably one with a lot of traffic or one that is in front of a large hospital. I am looking for one right at the crossroads of a large hospital system in my town where a lot of traffic goes through, and a lot of people will see our signs and hopefully, be able to ask questions. 3.) Email with your location and time.

That’s it. That’s all it takes to organize the rally, and you’re done. Folks will show up in support, and you can claim ownership over that day, and that you have helped support your fellow nurses.

Please consider doing what you can to support Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines. While our name suggests that we only support nurses, we are here to fight for the right for ALL healthcare workers. I am a nurse, so I picked the name “Nurses” versus the long and drawn out “Healthcare workers” or “healthcare professionals” although we have a sister site on Facebook that runs this as well.

Thank you for your time and for reading this today.

From the bottom of my heart,

Your President and CEO

Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines


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