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Nationwide Protest Campaign- November 1, 2014

On November 1st, 2014, join thousands of nurses nationwide as we march in protest in our home cities against mandatory vaccines.

On November 1, Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines members will be marching and demonstrating peacefully in their home towns to protest firings, forced vaccination, loss of income, loss of privacy, etc. and informing private citizens of the truth about flu vaccines, and the truth about the 90% rule.

Join us!

Help us!

We need you.

How can you help?

1.) Pledge to buy a tshirt, hoodie, long sleeved tshirt, etc. and wear it on the day of the protests:

2.) Organize in your hometown. NAMV will allow all members who request it, in writing, for the use of the NAMV logo to use on posters, signs, and informative readings to hand out to the public.

3.) Plan it. Plan for November 1st, to be the day that you join thousands of nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers nationwide in protesting against mandatory vaccination policies in the workplace!

4.) Be informed. Be ready for arguments, and be ready to defend the truth about forced vaccination in the workplace!

More information to come once we have dates and times available!

We will be posting these on our website at


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