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The 2% Rule

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We are asked repeatedly about the 2% rule. The HHS website keeps hiding the information, so we went directly to the source. Quality Net is the reporting agency that will be keeping track and making sure that hospitals are in compliance with the new changes to Medicare/Medicaid.

One of those changes that we have discussed repeatedly, is the fact that hospitals must prove that they have a vaccination rate among their staff of 90% or higher. The handbook for this program will be shared below, so that you can read to your heart’s content. The 2% rule comes in here:

Hospitals must report quality measures of process, structure, outcome, and patients’ perspective on care, efficiency, and costs of care that relate to services furnished in an inpatient setting in order to receive the full Annual Payment Update (APU). Each fiscal year, a hospital’s APU will be reduced by 2.0 percentage points if the hospital does not submit certain quality data in a form and manner, and at a time, specified by the Secretary.

Again, several factors are fostered in with this 2% rule. The one that is most alarming to us, is the 90% vaccination rate. Hospitals continually do not let their staff know about this, and the information is difficult to locate.

Below is a copy of the handbook that you can read.


And just in cause you’re curious, the amount of YOUR private information that the hospital has to report? Quite excessive, and a bit alarming in regard to privacy.


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